Butyl tape

Our offer includes butyl tape used for window panes of irregular shapes. The tape is offered in the form of a roll.

Glass cutting fluid

ACECUT 5250 glass cutting fluid – is perfect for cutting glazed units, safe for glass, evaporates quickly and leaves no residuals on the cut surface

Storage: 1 year in a tightly closed container at the temperature between 5 and 40°C

Safety measures: protective gloves should be worn when using the fluid

Technical data
Name: Glass cutting fluid
Manufacturer: Aachener Chemische Werke GmbH (Germany)
Density: 0.758 – 0.772 g/ml
Refractive index: 1.418 – 1.431
pH (concentrated): 6 – 7
Viscosity: 1.0 – 3.0 mPas

Cork pads

Cork pads – an indispensable packaging material used in the transport and storage of glass panels, glazed units and car windows

The following types of pads are available:

Cork pads with foam, which consist of two materials: cork and foam. Due to its mechanical properties, cork is the load-transmitting element, whereas foam ensures easy adhesion of cork to glass and prevents its movement during transport. A special type of the applied foam ensures the ideal adherence of a pad to glass and leaves no stains after it has been removed.

The product is available in the form of rolls with a protective film or without a film, space or sheets.

Cork pads with LOW TACK glue – LOW TACK cork pads are an indispensable packaging material used in the transport of glass panels and glazed units. They consist of two materials: cork and special glue, leaving no stains on glass.

HIGH TACK pads are a special type of pads designed for the manufacturers of window and door framework. HIGH TACK glue ensures the ideal adherence of a pad to any kind of protective films, stretch, etc. We do not recommend using HIGH TACK pads with other surfaces due to the high adhesive strength. The products are available in the form of rolls and sheets

Silicone for glass

Silicone for glass – single-component, highly-flexible silicone sealant with an acid crosslinking system. It hardens using air moisture. The silicone adheres very well to glass, glaze, terracotta, ceramics. Sealing is durable, totally resistant to changeable atmospheric conditions, UV radiation hot water, acids, alkalis, oils and grease.

Use: Recommended for sealing glass to glass joints, for assembly of frameless aquariums, display cases, lockers, cabinets, shop windows and all-glass shop windows.

Packages: cartouches 300 ml, foils 600 ml,

Colours: colourless, white, brown, grey, black

Industrial cleaning on a roll

Towels (Paper A Tork Plus) – is a two-ply cleaning cloth, cellulose produced in technology One Wipe Technology, involving the fusion of two highly absorbent layers, so that in this way the resulting detergent enough to completely dry the surface after wiping her once. Strongly fusion layers of towels makes it strong and very absorbent. It works equally effectively with water, solvents, oils, fats and other liquids. This makes the A – Tork Plus detergent, universal for use both in industry and gastronomy